Who Am I?

If you don’t already know, I’m a student. Not just a busy bachelor, but also a lifelong learner. My thing is computer programming and how it applies to practically any other field. It’s really a great time in history to be exploring the depths of computation, how it works mathematically, what we can do with it artistically, and how it will impact society culturally. And well…, you can take a look at my thoughts, jokes, tirades, etc. until something catches your eye. There are many many subfields of computer science that nobody ever thinks to tell you about, so I try to relate novel information that interests me to the audience who gets lost in the jargon… a vast sea of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms), black-box abstractions, and recursive foundations.

What Is This Place?

Yes, this site talks about quantum mechanics and computer stuff. It’s like an HTML5 Shtetl-Optimized, if you follow and recognize people higher in this community of discourse. Here I take a more interpersonal approach, though! Feel free to comment, critique, or insult me here as you please. I don’t censor (for the most part) and try to connect with y’all in creating creative solutions… or at least talking about how to do that. Coding is all about deconstructing problems and building up larger and larger pieces of the solution. You don’t need to know anything about Python programming or linear algebra to read through my posts (though I do recommend these resources if you want to get some prerequestites on quantum mechanics), but I want you to have an open mind when you read through Universi. You are safe here. There is no escape.